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About Me

Traveling Yoga Teacher - Student - Blogger


I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio which is where I began my yoga practice over 10 years ago at my aunt’s yoga studio, Harmony Yoga Studios. When I went to my first class, I had this idea that yoga meant simple, easy stretches, but it was actually a huge, sweaty challenge for me! What I found in my practice as a teenager though, was a place where I found joy and release, where I could escape onto my mat, and let the outside world melt away.


With a Bachelor’s degree from Ohio University and a Master’s degree from University of Baltimore, I also have a deep knowledge and dedication to international human rights and peacebuilding. As a certified yoga instructor, I’m excited to be able to combine the peacebuilding practices I learned in grad school with the inner peacebuilding that yoga allows, and help communities across the world as I travel.


I’m not just a travel agent or just a yoga instructor, but an impassioned traveler who has lived in Colombia, Costa Rica, Italy, and Australia, and visited over 50 other countries.  I stay with the local communities, learning how to communicate across cultures, and these experiences have translated through my retreat planning. I want those who attend a retreat planned by Amana Yoga to have the most memorable, life-changing, cultural immersion and adventure trip of their lives.