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Island Revitalization

Koh Phangan and others, Thailand

Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive to Phuket, sunset yoga on the beach

Day 2: Morning yoga and meditation, afternoon explore Phuket island by scooter

Day 3: Early boatride to Koh Phi Phi, enjoy the islands stunning views, sunset, partner or acro yoga on the beach

Day 4: Unwind and disconnect during meditation and morning yoga, followed by exploring the island, meeting new people, and dancing to the island vibes

Day 5: Travel early morning to Koh Phangan Island and immerse yourself in traditional Thai culture and self-reflection.

Day 6: Join the community in revitalizing yoga where the jungle meets the sea, enjoy freshly prepared meals and exotic fruits.

Day 7: Travel back to Phuket and Departures