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About Amana Yoga


Amana Yoga is inspired by my desire to travel and love for yoga. For me, helping other yoga instructors explore the world and take their students with them seemed like the perfect way to give back to my global community, and have fun while doing it. Whether you and your students are seasoned travelers, or just getting warmed up, I will be there with you to walk you through the entire process so that your yoga retreat or group travel reaches its full potential.

Our Service:

Our retreat packages offer yoga instructors a unique, world-class travel experience in a number of places around the world. We will guide you through everything step-by-step, giving you a stress-free, exciting adventure for you to share with your students, while also deciding your own profits! The packages include end-to-end, all-inclusive retreat planning, logistics, communication and even custom fliers for your social media pages.

Your Trust:

We understand that your students are investing their trust into you as a yoga instructor to take them somewhere safe, enjoyable and unforgettable. Amana Yoga ensures that you feel confident in our services and the retreat that you are taking them on, and even just as excited as they are.